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"Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation." - Frank Lloyd Wright

At Abigail Shea Interiors, we believe in designing to amplify natural surroundings, not distract from them. With organic color, material, and textural palettes, we create spaces that ground our clients in the peaceful power of their natural environment. We feel strongly about preserving the natural resources we admire and limit our impact by shopping local and reusing materials and furnishings whenever possible.

We also believe that there is power in a well-designed home. We understand how discouraging it can be to exist in a space that feels uninspiring, and we know how special it feels to live in a personalized, collected, and considered home. Regardless of budget, architecture, or the scope of a project, our goal is always to leave clients feeling empowered and energized by their home and to help them fall back in love with everyday life. 

While we are happy to work on a range of architectural styles, we are pleased to offer an alternative to traditional New England design. Our work is reminiscent of modern Californian design in which layers of rich neutrals and organic textures mimic natural surroundings, and interesting vintage pieces add depth and soul.

ASI is a full-service residential design firm based in Portland, Maine primarily serving New England.

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