When I was young my dad told me,

"You can do whatever you want, but you've got to help people." 

My conscious design business is inspired by his words. 


Design makes my heart sing. It affects me in very emotional and palatable ways, and it really does have the power to change lives. Despite that, I denied my love for this visual art for a long time.  I thought design was frivolous and superficial and that a career in it would feel unfulfilling. Eventually, though, I realized a fundamental and potentially cliche truth--design is about home. It is for refuge and sanctuary, protection and warmth. If done right, nothing about that is superficial. 

My passion is curating immersive, tranquil habitats that are positively impactful to individuals and to our society as a whole. I use strategic design to create as little environmental impact as possible. This includes


sourcing salvaged/recycled materials

repurposing furnishings and furniture

& crafting designs that use the existing elements in the home

I am also proud to be socially conscious. Unfortunately, interior design has become inaccessible and elitist. Everyone, especially lower income families who often need it most, deserve safe and happy spaces for families to enjoy each other and to feel protected and peaceful. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, I


have no minimum project budget  

charge flexible rates to accommodate low-income clients

& use furnishings from local, BIPOC-owned companies as often as possible